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Brand Architecture, Visual Identity, Strategy, Concept, Tagline. Year 2020

Geoversity, Mamoni, and Mamoni Valley Preserved are 3 different organizations that work together. These organizations were entangled and worked as three separate brands. We helped unite them by creating the Brand Architecture for their organization, under a sub-brand strategy.


We created a common language for the 3 different organizations; a unique icon, a 3 color system, and a tagline that described best its essence.


The perfection of nature-inspired a community of philanthropes to leave a legacy…

An ecosystem of creativity, collaboration, and knowledge.

A partnership of leaders seeking to guide others, so together they can continue…


Growing Biocultural Habitats.


The icon represented the fauna and flora, the ocean, the philanthropes, and the indigenous community, all in an organic form, all parts of the same biocultural habitat.

banner anual report.jpg
banner 2.jpg
MVP Brochure_Outside.jpg
MVP Brochure_inside.jpg
Copia de GLOBAL Rubber_Stamp_.jpg
MVP tazamockup.jpg

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