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Can a rebranding increase sales by 62% in 365 days?

The reasons why a rebranding is done has to do with many different factors, circumstances and context. A name can change for legal reasons, the image that does not correspond to the essence of the brand, re-positioning, market change, bad reputation, etc.


Why are we rebranding? This is the first questions in our brief which is proposed during the first session with the client.

The key is to understand the reasons and  strategic goals, so we don't get lost along the way and end up with a “beautiful image” that has nothing to do with what we want to achieve.

This particular case that I would like to share was a re branding process beginning in November 2018.

After an intense brief session, the observation phase came involving  visits to the point of sales and consumer analysis. The consumer/customer (the audience) is the most important aspect. It is our client's reason to exist, it is our reason for being there and that is why it is always at the center of the analysis. After reciprocal reports with our client (by this point we already feel as if we are a partner) (another entry about that). We started the creative and design process of the brand. Finally our client was absolutely satisfied with the results and we launched it and tested it at the point of sales and on social networks.

From there, our role was to remain with our partner building the brand, being very cautious with the communication in every touchpoint, always doing it in consistently with the values ​​we established for the brand.

12 months later after the launch, we received the excellent news that we had met all our objectives, the perception of the brand was exactly what we intended at the beginning and the increase in sales exceeded all expectations, achieving an increase of 62%.

If you asked me if that logo is beautiful, I wouldn't know what to answer, I think it would be the wrong question. What I can assure you is that the visual identity was the correct one, the one that made us achieve our ends, not DULCE BRANDING's ends, our partner's  goal, that became ours. We haven't done this brand to win a contest or publish it on Instagram or to be able to use the colors of the season, we did it so that together we reached our financial goal.

Our Work

Through an holistic perspective we approach the reality of each brand and we create an specific solutions.

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